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When Santa’s workshop is destroyed by a ferocious storm, even the richest man in the world is stumped for a way to save Christmas.  Just when everyone seems to give up all hope, the unstumpable Ava Buttons, together with her friends, discover a way to make Christmas wishes come true.  Motivated by a desire to help others, Ava converts even her naughtiest friend, Rowdy Meyers, from an enthusiastic getter to a champion giver.

In December, right before Christmas break, The Kearny PBA donated copies of “Very Christmas” by Simone Mets to the Kearny Board of Education.  We donated enough copies for many of the younger grades to receive their own copy as well as copies to be placed in all of the libraries across the district.  In addition to donating the books, we were fortunate enough to have Simone Mets agree to come to the district and conduct a workshop for the kids.

While at Roosevelt School, Simone used examples from the story as well as engaging, interactive, and educational activities to show how an author uses his or her senses to create a story.  The students were very excited to have a real author in the classroom and the PBA is very proud to be able to have organized this event along side the Superintendent, the Principal of Roosevelt School, and the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.


You can support the author by clicking the image of “Very Christmas” which will take you right to the online shop to purchase the story.  You can also click through the gallery below to see photos from Simone’s visit.






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